Sanremo is in the heart of a wonderful gulf in western Liguria, closed between the blue Mediterranean Sea and the iridescent green inland, just behind the Riviera of Flowers, one of the most enchanting areas along the Northern Coast of Italy.
Celebrated in Ancient times for its extraordinary climate and the fragrances of the surrounding Mediterranean maquis, Matuzia (this was the name given to Sanremo by the Romans) grew in the course of the centuries into the modern sea-side resort we all know, and had already been appreciated by European aristocracy and rich bourgeoisie since the end of the 18th century.


Very close to the French border, Sanremo is only 30 km from the Principality of Monaco, and only slightly more distant from Nice and its easily accessible international airport. The Genoa airport can be reached from Sanremo in about one hour, to take domestic flights. Sanremo is linked to the rest of Italy and to France through the motorway 'Autostrada dei Fiori'.

Winter: 9.45 - 12.45 / 15.15 - 19.15

Summer: 10.00 - 13.00 / 15.30 - 19.45
Closed Monday morning and Sunday